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5 places to visit in Nouakchott

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5 places to visit in Nouakchott

Soumeya Residence is pleased to share with you FIVE of the places that you should visit in Nouakchott. Nouakchott looks messy and chaotic at the first glance. But like any place in the world, when you get to know it, you will like it and find many interesting place to visit and enjoy. Here, in, we are happy to provide you with the most interesting five places to visit in addition to many other attractions you can see if you plan your trip and stay well in Nouakchott:

The Saudi Mosque

Is one of the biggest mosques in Nouakchott. Its official name is “Jamia Al Madina Al Mounawara”. It is located in the centre of Nouakchott not far from the central Market (Marche Capitale) and the biggest mobile and electronics markets in the capital which is called “Nougta Sakhina” in the chic neighbourhood of Tevrah Zeina. Many banks and ATM’s are just crossing the streets including the Orabank ( where you can withdraw cash with international debit/credit cards. The neighbourhood is also called by its name. The mosque was built with the financial assistance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the seventies. It also hosts a koranic school and the Friday kutba “speech” is usually pronounced d by the Mauritanian mufti.

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The Moroccan Mosque

The works of this beautiful mosque started in 1975 and that is why the official name of the mosque is “King Hassan II mosque”. Mauritanians call all the area and the surrounding market “Moroccan mosque”. The architectural monument took 12 years to accomplish one of the best Moroccan architecture-style in Mauritania. It includes one of the best libraries in the country where rare manuscripts and resources are saved. It also hosts cultural activities and performance as it is the headquarters of the Moroccan Cultural Centre. Not less interesting is the market which was constructed in the seventies by the state-owned Société de Construction et de Gestion Immobilière (SOCOGIM). It is one of the biggest wholesale markets in Nouakchott where everything is available from fruits and vegetables to rice, sugar and four-wheel  and camping accessories. The area close to the mosque hosts the biggest market of tents in Mauritania.

Marché Capitale

The biggest and most monumental souk of the capital was established in the beginning of the seventies, only a few years after the independence of Mauritania using wood and corrugated sheet to become one the most active markets at that early time. A huge fire destroyed that primitive construction and the State had to construct a new building and rent its shops to the traders who had lost all of their properties in the fire. In the beginning, the market was specialized in expensive tissues and clothes, but then it moved to be one of the most visited markets in Mauritania, where you can find almost everything: from traditional artefacts, to clothes, accessories, kitchen tools, electronic apparatus and foreign currency exchange. It is also one of the most crowded areas in the capital.

The State has already built a new market in the same area which is called officially the New Nouakchott Commercial Centre. It has the capacity of 1380 shops with a modern design, services and good infrastructure. Many traders have already moved to it while the old rickety souk is in the process of being destroyed.

Port de Pêche

It is the main provider of fish to the markets of Nouakchott. Many families also prefer to visit the market in the afternoon when boats come back from the Ocean so that they can buy fish with the price of wholesale. It is also a beautiful place to visit with colourful boats and constant activity under the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean. Many poor women find jobs there selling fish or taking it to the other markets to get a little profit. It is also a good place to take fresh and cheap fish home if you carry a cooler and your trip is direct (you need a license which you can get there for less than 10 euros).

Fishing Port of Nouakchott

Plage de Nouakchottort

Nouakchott has vast areas of beaches from the International Airport until the town centre. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit and enjoy the winds and clean breeze of the Ocean with very white and clean sands and big waves. It is also a place where you can relax and watch the amazing sunset or practice sport and run for hours (security measures should be taken). The only problem is that few infrastructure and hotels are available in the vast beaches of Nouakchott a part from the “Nicola beach” which is a decent place to have fun and spend weekends, but it is a bit far from the city centre.

Nouakchott Beach




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