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Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport

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Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport

In November 2011, the Mauritanian President Mohamed ould Abdelaziz laid the foundation stone for the project of Oumtounsy International airport about 20 kms north of the capital Nouakchott.

It was completed and started operations less than five years later. After some visibilities studies taken by the Mauritanian government, the company “Najah For Major Works” was granted the project in exchange of the company exploiting the old airport which is located in the town centre.

Two million passengers

The airport has a capacity of two million passengers per year, and it is expandable to 10 million passengers according to the Mauritanian officials. ICAO experts who were involved in the design confirmed that it can accommodate big aircrafts such as Airbus 380 and Boeing 780.

The new airport includes a main building and two airstrips as well as a VIP lounge. The new site also has a passenger terminal of 30,000 square meters. Oumtounsy is supposed to be one of the most evolving airports in the region and experts say it would improve the image and investment opportunities for the country.

Pride for all Mauritanians

«This infrastructure should be considered as a source of pride for all Mauritanians because it is the most important project carried out by Mauritania since 1960,» said once the Mauritanian minister of Culture.

Easy Access to Nouakchott

The citizens of any country can get their visa on arrival in Nouakchott paying a fee of 55 euros for one month and one entry visa.

From the airport to the city centre, taxis are available with around 20 euros and major hotels also have their shuttle buses with additional surcharge. In Soumeya Residence, we also offer shuttle services around the clock when booked in advance.

Oumtounsy International Airport



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